"When I got there, already tapping notes on my PDA, she was standing in the doorway, staring at it. An old woman, in black. It made her look pale. I asked her what she was looking for."

The Woman in Black by Ellen Couch

Abandoned cinema week was a good week on Elephant Words. Perfectly romantic and lovely story, this.

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"Black ink on alabaster skin,
The symbols of a forgotten empire,
Fallen, crumbled into dust,
Her apparent youth belies the irrelevance."

Fallen One by Ian Sharman (click here to read on…)
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"“It would help if you told me the truth,” the doctor said as he dried his hands. He faced the sink and a bank of enormous windows with pale-yellow painted frames. He ground his teeth together, trying to retain his professional composure. He turned around again and confronted the young woman who was perched in her silky slip on the edge of the draped table."

Refugee by Rivka Jacobs (click here to read on…)
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"She was born with the mark. Or at least, it had always been there, the reddish-gold imprint on her flesh as much a part of her as the shock of feathery blonde hair and smell of spices that always lingered about her. When she was very young it declared her identity to anyone who knew what to look for, which in those days was everyone, so she was careful to keep it hidden on those rare times she left her high mountain home."

Firebird by Matt Baldwin (click here to read on…)
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16/01/2011 image - Fallen Empire by Ian Sharman
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…That balcony was the place to be if you were on a date and didnt care what the movie was.

But yeah, they’re tearing it down. A single-screen art house theater just couldn’t compete with all the big metroplexes these days, especially after Milton passed on. That really cut the heart out of the place. Damn shame. Wonder whats going to become of old Zed. What’s that?

You don’t remember who Zed was?


Ghost of the Royale by Matt Baldwin

Absolutely incredible piece of I don’t know what from Mr Baldwin. Urban fantasy?

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"By the time I hit the black ice of my mid-teens, I was filling notebooks with pictures and poems and stories, describing my desire to have a tattoo all over my body and face of myself, only happy. I was one of those girls."

I Wear The Skin Of Angels by Nicolas Papaconstantinou (click here to read on…)
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"The girl was dragged before the Jurist dishevelled and barely able to walk. The audience that had gathered- so much larger than for ordinary trials- backed away, whispering nervously to one another, sharing the half-heard bits of information that they had about her."

As A Bird by Ellen Couch (click here to read on…)
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I want to be a thing of horror. I don’t want to be pretty or nice and I don’t want to blend in.

I want Daily Mail readers to tut as I pass by; I want old ladies to shrink back from me in the street. I don’t want to avoid alleyways or deserted parks – I want to be the thing in the dark that everyone else is afraid of.


A Thing Of Horror by Alex Jury (click here to read on…)
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This is how it happens. First it’s an experiment, then it’s a novelty. Then it’s habit. It’s just what you do.

We sit and eat and talk and the chicken is tender and aromatic and tasty, tangy with salt and rosemary. Until a few years ago I had never tasted rosemary, which seems surreal to think of it now.


The Reasons We Use Rosemary by Nicolas Papaconstantinou (click here to read on…)
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